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It's a complete sensory experience!
About After Dark Events
Welcome to After Dark Events, the heartbeat of live entertainment in the enchanting Plettenberg Bay area, South Africa. At After Dark, we craft unforgettable experiences that bring the magic of live events to life.
Our Passion
Our passion lies in creating moments that resonate, whether you're a local looking for an intimate night out or a visitor seeking a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. We believe that the power of live events transcends boundaries, and it's our mission to curate diverse and electrifying performances that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes.

From the Cozy to the Grand

Our portfolio encompasses an array of events that cater to every palette. Enjoy a cozy evening with our dinner theatre events set in charming restaurants, where you can savour delectable cuisine while being serenaded by local talents. Or, if you're craving the thrill of a massive crowd and a breathtaking open-air setting, join us for our electrifying open-air concerts that feature both emerging artists and world-renowned headliners.

Local Flavour, Global Reach

While we proudly showcase the incredible talent South Africa has to offer, we also bring the world to our doorstep by hosting artists from all corners of the globe. We are committed to building bridges between local and international communities through the universal language of music and art. We are committed to delivering unmatched variety, quality and top shelf entertainment from the best most talented artists the world has on offer.

Discover Plettenberg Bay with Us

Plettenberg Bay is not just a place; it's an experience waiting to be explored. Our events are carefully curated to showcase the beauty of this region, blending culture, nature, and entertainment in perfect harmony. With a wealth of activities for every interest, come along and expreience Plett like you have never done before.
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With regular event at the these great venues and even more being added regularly, After Dark Event ensure something to suite every taste and flavour.
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